Stero U31AC Dishwasher Door Type Tall Pot Pan and Utensil Washer Booster Heater Sold Separately Corner Unit

Stero U-31-AC

Dishwasher, Door Type, Tall, Pot Pan and Utensil Washer, (Booster Heater Sold Separately) Corner Unit

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Utensil Washer, high temp., corner design, single tank, single rack, tank heat to be specified, auto fill, auto & manual controls, 180° hot water sanitizing, stainless steel construction, includes (4) racks, 3 hp pump
  • Stero’s U-31A is a heavy duty washer designed to tackle the challenge of cleaning pots and
  • pans.
  • Design: Single tank, two-door push through type with adjustable wash and rinse timers, utilizing 24” x 28” racks.
  • Construction: Tank and hood are formed from 16 gauge, type 304-18-8 No.4 mill finish stainless steel, all fully welded. The frame is heavy stainless steel with 8” stainless steel adjustable feet. The internal piping, fittings, risers, manifolds, etc., are stainless steel.
  • Power Wash: 230 G.P.M. of detergent water is pumped over the utensils through the STERO engineered wash system, which utilizes revolving upper and lower wash
  • arms. These have been designed to create an effective, powerful pattern which causes detergent water to reach all parts of the utensils from every angle, assuring
  • complete coverage and washing. Specially designed spray deflectors on the revolving wash arms achieve the unique wash pattern.
  • Rinse Pattern: Achieved by seven fixed perimeter sprayers above the utensils and by lower stainless steel revolving rinse arms with stainless steel jets, all mounted in the perimeter of the rack. As with the wash pattern, utensils are thoroughly rinsed and sanitized.
  • Controls: The controls, contactors, timers, etc. are mounted in a splash proof, stainless steel control box, securely fastened to the frame of the machine at a convenient
  • working height. The controls include two adjustable timers. One timer regulates the wash cycle and is adjustable from two minutes to five minutes. The other timer regulates the
  • rinse cycle and is adjustable from 15 to 30 seconds. A push button start switch and a tank heat switch (illuminated when on) are provided. In addition there is a selector switch
  • allowing the machine to be operated automatically or manually, at the operator’s discretion. All controls and the entire electrical system are factory inter-wired and in water
  • proof conduit.
  • Door Safety Switch: If the door is opened before the cycle is completed, this switch automatically stops the machine.
  • Stainless Steel Front Enclosure Panel: Protects motor and controls from moisture.
  • Stainless Steel frame and legs: Stainless steel feet are standard.
  • Rack Complement: Total of 4 stainless steel racks to handle various utensil washing needs: 1 Basket Rack (for cooking utensils, etc.) 1 General Utility Rack (for large mixing bowls
  • and cook pots) 1 Counter pan rack 1 Bun Pan Rack. (For bun pans and cooking sheets.) All racks are 24”x 28”.
  • Line Strainers: Provided on all supply lines required on the machine. Provides clean out to protect plumbing accessories.
  • Electrical Features: Power wash motor is 3 H.P., extra heavy duty, 1745 RPM, with sealed bearing and built—in thermal overload protection.
  • Standard Electrical Specifications Available: 208-60-3, 220/240-60-3. Available at extra cost: 460/480-60-3.
  • Magnetic motor starter with low voltage protection is interwired in control panel. Motor is factory wired in waterproof conduit and fitting to control panel.
  • Control panel is mounted on right side of machine for easy “no stretch” access. Adjustable wash and rinse timers are enclosed behind hinged and fastened switch panel. Panel is fitted with oil tight switches and push buttons with pilot lights.

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Electric 10 kw tank heater (thermostatic control & low water cut-off)
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Kit 55 pre-plumbed and installed 3/4" pressure regulator, shock arrestor, flow pressure gauge and line strainer to solenoid valve
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