Commercial Deep Fryers

The cornerstone for most restaurants are their deep fryers, which they rely on heavily for appetizers, entrees and sides. Fryers support gas (natural gas or liquid propane) or electric models and can be as small as a countertop model to batteries of multiple fryers that support up to 150 lbs. of oil each. The most common size is about 45 lbs. Many restaurants have multiple fryers, reserving some fryers for example, specifically for fish, which tends to transfer that flavor to other foods fried in the same oil. In general, gas fryers heat up more quickly than electric, while electric fryers may offer more specialty options such as automated basket lifts or computer driven menus. All fryers must filter their oil frequently. Small volume restaurants may opt to manually filter their oil. Heavier production restaurants may opt for mobile filtering units or the convenience of built-in filtration systems.