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Keep Cold in its Place with MSeries Strip Doors
With the unofficial start of summer already behind us, the warm weather will be sticking around ? and air conditioners will be kicking into higher gear. An affordable way to keep that conditioned air in its place? M-SERIES STRIP DOORS. Strip doors conservatively block 60% of airflow through open doorways meaning at LEAST 60% less conditioned air is drifting out the door. Your air conditioning unit will thank you because it wont be running for as long - and your energy bill will reflect it too! Want to see for yourself? Check out our strip door energy savings calculator. M-Series strip doors feature looped, polar-reinforced, PVC strips. The loops limit the stress put on the strips when in use, reducing the risk of tearing, and making it even easier to walk through. M-Series hardware is simple to install: each of the two mounting brackets only requires two screws. Energy Loss Calculator for Traffic Doors

3 ways the millennial foodie is changing Americas food industry
Millennials are often known as the “foodie” generation. They’re driving the evolvement of restaurants, demanding customized menu items, and craving unique foods and flavors. Their appetites are changing the entire culinary landscape. Food has become way more than just a way to satisfy appetites — it has become a social necessity. Unlike previous generations, millennials now have the capability to use food as a method of personal storytelling and self-expression. A range of social media platforms allow them to instantly snap pictures of their savory plates, follow their favorite food blogs, and check in at the trendiest, newest restaurants. No wonder 50 percent of millennials now refer to themselves as foodies. With this in mind, researchers and restaurants alike are innovating new ways to satisfy these culinary connoisseurs’ tastebuds. Below are three of the latest trends in the food industry. SEE ALSO: 5 marketing lessons you can learn from Jimmy Fallon 1. Food-friendly content goes digital Food and Wine magazine tapped into the millennial foodie market with the release of its new digital brand and website FWx. FWx caters to the millennials obsessed with eating, drinking, and everything in between by connecting them with the latest trends in the food and beverage industry. In addition, readers can find a wide array of information ranging from lifestyle tips to social cheat sheets. For example, readers can find more than just cocktail recipes. They can find advice such as, “10 Ways to Fool People Into Thinking You Know About Wine” and “7 Drinks to Go with Your Junk Foody Oscars Spread.” The site has filled a niche where millennials can both embrace their love for food and also find content that connects food with other aspects of their lifestyles. But content isn’t the only factor that will attract these young food enthusiasts. FWx has created an online format that accommodates millennials’ preferred presentation of information. Rather than wordy articles, you’ll see short posts, BuzzFeed-style lists and video clips. This includes the Cappuccino Cam, which takes viewers behind the scenes for a look at baristas showing off their skills and FWxLabs where editors take requests for food experiments. The site will also offer #FWxRaps where one contributor takes requests and makes fantasy food raps. Plus, each piece of content provides easy ways for readers to contribute and to share on virtually all social media platforms. 2. A rising demand for locally grown food The National Restaurant Association recently released a report that identified locally sourced meats and seafood, followed by locally grown produce, as the hottest trend in 2014. Although the definition of local food is not homogeneous for the entire generation, millennials generally feel that purchasing brands with keywords like “grass-fed” and “organic” can have far-reaching impacts. They are proud of their food-conscious purchases, and even more so, they feel that their money is contributing to a greater good. Many brands are already implementing this strategy. Take Chipotle, for example. Chipotle prides itself as a company that organically benefits both people and the environment. It even created a game that brings light to the issue of consumerism and a film that offers alternatives to environmental unsustainability. 3. Popularity of the food truck The food truck craze has become a worldwide phenomenon. They’re a hit with millennials for a number of reasons, including convenience, low prices, and oftentimes extremely unique foods and flavors — a millennial favorite. Ranging from Earl Grey ice cream to red velvet waffles with cream cheese icing, these food truck menus are satisfying millennial taste buds in every city. Lauren Katz contributed to this post. Jeff Fromm is executive vice president at ad agency Barkley and co-author of “Marketing to Millennials: Reach The Largest & Most Influential Generation of Consumers Ever." Fromm has more than 25 years of brand marketing experience for Hallmark, KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, Build-A-Bear Workshop, American Italian Pasta, and more. He is the Founder of, a millennial insights and trends conference as well as the lead editor of

Rational Partners with ENERGY STAR Program to Provide Sustainability in Commercial Foodservice Kitchens
Rolling Meadows, IL, 10 February 2014 – Rational, the global technology and market leader in hot food preparation, has joined EPA’s ENERGY STAR program as an ENERGY STAR partner. Due to Rational’s focus on its holistic approach to sustainability, whitefficiency®, its SelfCookingCenter® units have earned the ENERGY STAR. Currently, Rational is only one of two combination oven manufacturers that is an ENERGY STAR partner. “Being an ENERGY STAR partner will open up new opportunities with those customers and projects that want and require ENERGY STAR certification for their operations and for green building opportunities with LEED designations. Our customers and consultants want to be environmentally friendly, and now with our being an ENERGY STAR partner, they know they are or can be,” explains Markus Glueck, President of Rational USA. Rational sees efficiency as making the optimum use of all resources, whether it be time, energy, water, space or raw materials - in other words, whitefficiency®. Whitefficiency® is an integrated approach that has been firmly established within Rational’s corporate philosophy from the onset. It underlines the sustainability by the way it operates: from development, to production, to operation in the kitchen, to the unique service, right through to the recycling of the used appliances. Earning the ENERGY STAR is one more step towards living up to its philosophy, whitefficiency®. “For many years, we have known the efficiency of our product. This third party validation gives our claims credibility,” adds Glueck. Compared to standard equipment, ENERGY STAR certified combination ovens on average are roughly 30% more efficient. This means that they have an estimated annual savings of $250 (gas models) and $700 (electric models), save roughly 28 MBTU per year or 7,121 kWh per year and have a lifetime savings of $2,500 (gas models) and $6,800 (electric models), which is based on 12-year life and 4 percent discount, and actual savings will vary depending on use. For more information about the ENERGY STAR program for commercial ovens, you can visit their website at: ENERGY STAR was introduced by the EPA in 1992 as a voluntary, market-based partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency. Today, the ENERGY STAR label can be found on more than 65 different kinds of products as well as new homes and commercial and industrial buildings that meet strict energy-efficiency specifications set by the EPA. Over the past twenty years, American families and businesses have saved a total of more than $230 billion on utility bills and prevented more than 1.9 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions with help from ENERGY STAR. If you would like to see and experience the SelfCookingCenter® and the variety of Rational accessories at a CookingLive event, you can obtain more information and register online at:

Brand Message Expressed in Uniforms By John Hendrie
Yes, Sir! Feeling good and looking sharp. Look around you. Do the uniforms you have selected complement your Brand? Do they complement the employees who wear them? Lastly, what do your guests think of them?

Meritage Hospitality Reports Preliminary 2013 Fiscal Results
Sales increased 39.2% to $137.8 million (a new record high for the Company), compared to $99.0 million last year.

National Restaurant Association Celebrates 10 Years of Kitchen Innovations with the Announcement of the 2014 KI Award Recipients
Now in its 10th year, the Kitchen Innovations Awards program recognizes cutting-edge advancements in increased energy efficiency, waste reduction, and more for the foodservice industry

National Restaurant Association Launches Digital Makeover Contest for Members
The National Restaurant Association (NRA) today launched its 'Extreme Digital Makeover' campaign geared towards members looking to expand their business online.

ROTI Mediterranean Grill Names Carl Segal New Chief Executive Officer
Segal will officially assume the role of CEO for ROTI on February 18, 2014. Segal comes to ROTI from Potbelly Sandwich Works, with a tenured career of thirteen years, most recently serving as Senior Vice President of Operations.

Smoothie King Unveils New Store Design With Opening Of Two South Florida Locations
Smoothie King Franchises, Inc. unveiled its new store design with the opening of two new locations in South Florida.

The Cheesecake Factory Reports Results for Fourth Quarter of Fiscal 2013
Total revenues were $475.1 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013 as compared to $464.7 million in the prior year fourth quarter. Net income and diluted net income per share were $33.0 million and $0.62, respectively, in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2013.

Wingstop Names Flynn Dekker Chief Marketing Officer
Wingstop Restaurants, Inc. today announced the appointment of Flynn Dekker as its Chief Marketing Officer to oversee the brand positioning, marketing strategy and advertising execution for the chain's 600+ domestic and international locations. Flynn Dekker - Chief Marketing Officer - Wingstop

Ann Nickolas Elected to Restaurant Facility Management Associations RFMA 2014 Board of Directors
Cintas Corporation (NASDAQ: CTAS) today announced the election of Ann Nickolas to the Restaurant Facility Management Association’s (RFMA) 2014 Board of Directors as its Vendor Representative.

Apollo Global Management Announces Completion of Its Acquisition of CEC Entertainment Inc
An affiliate of Apollo Global Management, LLC (NYSE: APO) and CEC Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: CEC) announced the successful completion of the previously announced transaction, whereby Apollo, a leading global alternative investment manager, will acquire CEC, the nationally recognized leader in family dining and entertainment which operates 577 Chuck E. Cheese’s stores.

Fetzer Announces Launch of Mobile Wine Pricing Application for Restaurants Bars
Fetzer officially launched ProfitSolve, a brand new mobile phone application designed especially for restaurant & bar operators to optimize wine profitability in the context of their local competitors.

Foodler Appoints Michael Vosseller to Head of Mobile Development
Vosseller brings over 15 years of software development experience to lead all Foodler iOS and Android development efforts.

Is the Recession Really Behind Us For Many US Companies the Answer is No
Fifty-eight percent of employers in Careerbuilder study said that when it comes to their business, it feels like the recession is not over.

Jack in the Box Inc Reports First Quarter FY 2014 Earnings Updates Guidance for FY 2014
Jack in the Box Inc. (NASDAQ: JACK) reported earnings from continuing operations of $33.0 million, or $0.75 per diluted share, for the first quarter ended January 19, 2014, compared with earnings from continuing operations of $26.1 million, or $0.59 per diluted share, for the first quarter of fiscal 2013.

Kona Grill Reports Fourth Quarter Restaurant Sales Up 64
Restaurant operating profit margin was 16.2%, which included a 180 basis point impact from new restaurant inefficiencies and the company's remodeling initiatives, compared to 17.1%

Organic Service Adapting Experiences to the Experience By Roberta Nedry
What about Organic Service? How would we apply today's big 'O' to daily interactions and service delivery to guests?

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Reports Results for the Fiscal Fourth Quarter and Year Ended December 29 2013
Fourth quarter revenues were $241.9 million, an increase of 0.5% (12 weeks compared to 13 weeks); comparable sales increased 3.7%